Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Shot In the Arm

Okay, just recently got all of my required shots for going to Uganda, Africa. Even though there is only one required shot, Yellow Fever, there are many recommended shots. How can I not get them when you know they are recommended? So I've had Typhoid Pills, Polio Booster, Tetanus, H1N1, Meningitis, Hep. A & B, and purchased Malaria Pills.

Hmmmm, I'm sure this trip will be well worth all the shots in the arm. I'm also sure this trip will be a shot in the arm for my spiritual well-being. There's nothing like getting outside of our own little world and taking a look at the big picture. Seeing the world through God's eyes can really make you wonder how you could have ever complained about anything. I'm sure the pain of the shots will soon fade once I look into the eyes of an orphan staring up at me. God help me to keep my eyes open to your world at all times, even when I'm sitting comfortably at home.

Let God give you a shot in the arm so to speak. Let Him show you His world. The one He sent His Son to die for on a cross. God give me that kind of compassion and unconditional love for people all over the world.

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