Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Be The Face of Change

This May 2010 I and a team of about 35 people, are headed to Uganda, Africa to work and support Pastors Gary and Marilyn Skinner and the Watoto Child Care Ministries in war-torn Kampala. Over 1500 children are cared for through this ministry which was established in 1991 by the Skinners. Marilyn and Gary are also the Pastors for the Watoto Church, where more than 22,000 people attend one of the 17 weekend services at the 6 celebration points each week to celebrate their newfound life in Christ.

Our team, based out of Wave Church in Virginia Beach, VA, will be helping to build a school or home for the children there during our first week in Kampala. We will then get to spend time with the many children of all ages, even infants, living in the Watoto Village provided for their care. I know this will be a life changing experience for me and for all of the team members. I have traveled in the past to Russian Orphanages, and the relationships I formed there with children and teachers is still strong today. My first trip to Russia opened my eyes to just how big my God is and how much love He has, not just for me, but for a whole world outside of my scope here.

I hope to chronicle some of my experiences and the process of getting ready to go to Africa here on this blog as I prepare for this life-changing journey ahead of me. As I do I hope you will open your heart and life up to God and allow Him to take you places where you never dreamed you would serve. He may not call you to be a missionary or a speaker, but God has a plan for each of our lives. Sometimes He's just waiting for us to have the faith to step up and say, "Yes, I'll do it." That's what I have done and each time God has surprised me with things I never thought possible in my life. Listen for His voice. Yes, He still speaks to us today. What is He calling you to do? Our Pastor, Steve Kelly, always says, "Two thirds of God's name is go." Get up off the safe and comfortable couch where you've been sitting and be willing to let God use you in some special way. It doesn't even have to be outside of your neighborhood. Who knows what He has planned for you? But I do know He has called us all to become the "face of change" to the world around us. Be that face.

Check out our Watoto Team 2010 Facebook page. Leave comments or donate through Wave Church, 1000 N. Great Neck Rd., Virginia Beach, VA.

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