Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Knock Down the Walls

Meet Moses Sekajja. He is one of the many children living in the Watoto Village in Kampala, Uganda. Moses was abandoned at a police station in Uganda in 1996, after which he was taken to Naguru Children's Reception Center. The government authorities there kept him until Watoto Child Care Ministries was asked to take him into their care and protection.

Since May 1977, Moses has been living in a Watoto home with his housemother and seven "new" brothers and sisters. He has enjoyed all the nurture and nourishment his dear housemother has given him. Moses is a confident teenager now. He and the other children help with the household duties.

Moses has enjoyed the Watoto schools very much and he is a good student. His favorite subjects are Math and Science and he likes basketball. When he graduates from high school he wants to train to become a Computer Scientist.

Moses has responded to God's love for him by accepting Jesus into his heart and life. He went to the USA with the touring Watoto Choir and this was a transforming experience for him.

The financial support received through child sponsorship has enabled Watoto to give Moses and all the destitute and homeless children in their care the hope of a much brighter future.

It's amazing the difference God's love can make in someone's life, even an abandoned orphan. That's because God's love is real and can reach beyond our own short arms. Our God is a big God. He loves people way beyond our own shores. Sometimes it's hard for us to see past our own home camp, but God is so much bigger than we allow Him to be in our lives.

He's asking us to do big things and to dream big dreams. He wants to bless us so that we can become a blessing to others. Being a Christian is so much more than just getting up and going to church every Sunday. I'm not saying you must sell everything and become a world missionary, but I am saying we need to allow God to broaden our borders and see what He sees. We were saved to make a difference in the lives of others; to be the strength for those who are too weak to hold up their own arms. Think about how you can open up your world and live a big, expansive life. See the world through God's eyes. There may be something God is calling you to do right in your own backyard. Go ahead. Start knocking down some of those walls you've built around your small world and have a look around. It's a great big world out there, but we serve an even bigger God with unlimited resources.

"He picks up the poor from out of the dirt, rescues the wretched who've been thrown out with the trash, seats them among the honored guests. A place of honor among the brightest and the best. He gives the barren woman a home so that she becomes a happy mother." Psalms 113:7-9

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