Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Volume 3 of Life is a Buffet book series is out!

Just Published! My latest book in the Life is a Buffet series just arrived! If you know someone who is going through difficulty or just needs a good laugh, this is the book for you. It makes a great gift! It is also available on Kindle by clicking here.

Life can be wonderful! Life can also be very messy. How do you deal with the mess? Do you sweep it under the rug and try to ignore it, or are you the one who worries about the mess before it even happens? Do you try to fix everything by yourself? Many of us don't feel we are equipped for most of the messiness of life, but in this book, "Life is a Buffet, But Bring a Mop and a Pail, Polly Boyette reminds us that we were not designed to do life alone. God wants us to rely on him, even in the middle of our biggest mess. "God holds the high center, he sees and sets the world's mess right. He decides what is right for us earthlings, gives people their just deserts." Psalms 9:7-8 (MSG) In this third book in the "Life is a Buffet" series, Polly Boyette once again uses humor and charming real-life stories to remind us that God is with us and for us in everything we experience in life. He has equipped us to walk head-on into any mess life may throw at us. He will rescue us, and he will never leave us abandoned or alone.

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