Friday, June 22, 2012

Now Available on Kindle!

Looking for a great Summer read? Check out my latest book, Chasing Angels. If you love to read mysteries and suspense novels, you'll love this book.

Chasing Angels is about Nathan Staby, a successful writer who returns to his hometown of Fairhaven to find answers to the mysterious death of his childhood friend, Robert Sanding. Nathan has no idea his decision to go back home will begin the unraveling of so many tightly held secrets and memories from his past; secrets involving death, deception and even an encounter with an angel. 

A young boy himself at the time of Robert’s death, Nathan had been the one to discover his friend’s body buried beneath a wet pile of leaves in the woods near his house. Yet the mystery of how Robert died has haunted him for many years, with only the memory of finding the body and that of a mysterious stranger waving to him from the woods as he ran away from the scene. The angelic figure even called out his name, “Goodnight Nathan. Goodnight.” 

After only a short time of being back in Fairhaven Nathan is alarmed to hear the news that another child has been found dead in the woods. The body belongs to a local boy named Todd Harper. The horrific event jars Nathan’s memory to the day he found Robert’s body in the very same woods. He reluctantly rides along with the sheriff to have a look at the scene. There, as he stares at the lifeless body of Todd Harper, he knows he has to be part of the investigation, believing in some strange way, Todd’s death is connected to Robert’s. 

Nathan’s world turns upside down again when he reconnects with Marcie Sanding, his childhood sweetheart and Robert’s sister. He finds himself not only fighting for answers to his past, but also fighting to rekindle the only true love he has ever known. Nathan realizes now he can’t live without her in his life, but he’s not sure she feels the same for him. His attention is torn between unearthing the mysteries of his past and exploring his chance for a future with Marcie. 

Chasing Angels is filled with mystery, blackmail, deception, love, angels and more. This novel will put Nathan through rigorous trials of torment and doubt, leading up to the final climatic unraveling of a lifelong mystery.

If you love to read just for the pleasure of reading, you will love Chasing Angels. It is pure entertainment and will keep you turning the page to see what happens next.

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