Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Dream

I dreamed a dream not too long ago.
My brain made it up. Why I do not know.
It was while the house was very quiet and still,
My brain started working, showing me reel after reel.
A strange and wild movie was playing in my head, 
About things that I like and things that I dread.
I was shopping for groceries wearing pajamas and slippers.
People pointed and stared, and some even snickered.
I bought lots of spinach, which I really despise.
But they were coated with chocolate, what a nice surprise.
I bought carrots and okra and Brussels Sprouts too.
But they had sprinkles of sugar that stuck just like glue.
There was Castor Oil, pills and even Milk of Magnesia, 
But with a flavor that tasted very much Polynesian.
From aisle to aisle I pulled things from the shelf. 
I got something for everyone, especially myself.
But when I wheeled my cart to the cashier named Kay,
My pajamas had no pockets and no money to pay.  
I looked to my left and I looked to my right, 
People were staring at my embarrassing sight. 
But out of the blue, right out of the night, 
A man beside me said, “That’s alright.”
He handed Kay money and then tipped his hat and bowed,
“I can’t let you do that,” I pleaded, it can’t be allowed.
“Oh, but I insist,” said the man.  “It brings me great pleasure.”
“For it’s where my heart is and there is my treasure.”
I scratched my head, I had nothing to say. 
I just stepped aside and let the gentleman pay.
After everything was bagged, I turned to say thanks.
But the man in the hat was so full of grace, 
He picked up my bags and without saying a thing,
Escorted me out to a stretch limousine, 
And with everyone watching, he opened the door
Then helped me inside where a drink had been poured,
“Enjoy your dream,” he said, smiling his best. 
“God can do anything – you can’t imagine or guess”.
In your wildest dreams you will find Him, the God of all Nations,
It was He after all who gave you imagination.
So sleep without worry, just close your weary eyes.
No need to panic, no alarm, no surprise
God gives you dreams to entertain you at night.
Even while you’re sleeping you are His delight. 

Copyright © 2008 by Polly D. Boyette, All Rights Reserved

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