Monday, December 7, 2009

From the Younger Woman to the Older Woman

The younger women in our church got together and wrote this message for the older women. They read it to the women at our Devoted Women's Conference and it is very moving. Don't ever think you are too old to have an impact on the younger generation. We have a great responsibility to lead and to mentor them as they walk along side us. Take the time to read this and perhaps share it with the women in your life. Enjoy:

I desperately need you to show me wisdom.
I need you to show me what true beauty is, a fierce kind of beauty.
I need you to show me that high heels aren’t always worth it.
I need you to be an example of virtue.
And to tell me that life isn’t always what it seems; that the past doesn’t dictate my future.
I need you to distinguish not just what is right - But also wise.
You can’t let me compromise.
I need you to champion me into my inheritance.
I need you to show me courage through all circumstances.
I want you to show me how to smile through my eyes.
I need you here to tell me that beauty is timeless; that as I increase in age I can increase in beauty.
I need you to make me laugh until my stomach hurts; to keep me smiling at the days to come.
I need you to show me how to really eat chocolate.
I need you to teach me to listen with my heart.
I need you here so you can take my hand and lead me.
You have to remind me to not just live, but live deeply in Christ.
I need you to dress me with strength and dignity.
I need you here with me to walk through each day with confidence and boldness.
I desperately need you to show me the value in purity; never let me live without a relentless pursuit of God.
And most of all; the thing I need you to be most, is to live your life with a vigorous purpose - because my life depends on it.
From my heart to yours, with love.

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