Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Taking Time

Take time to slow down and enjoy life whenever possible. You'll find a new perspective and a refreshed mind. It can be something as simple as enjoying the view from a dock or eating your favorite flavor ice cream. 

I got to enjoy a relaxing visit with friends, a swim in a spa pool all by myself and a nap on the beach all in just a few days time. It's great to just allow yourself to have fun and shake off the stress of the day. 

It's okay to have fun and to pamper yourself now and again. I've met some Christians who are so tense and uptight they make me nervous. They take themselves way too seriously for their own good. Being a Christian doesn't mean you stop having fun. To me, it's when the fun really began. 

Relax, chillout, God is in control, not us. 

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